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cheap oakley sunglasses outlet Tortoise, it's simple really, Hainan fishermen can produce their own. Said complex and complex, do a fine tortoise shell glasses is very complicated, not only to the experienced artisan handmade one point one points to do, but also to grasp in the design. At the same time, tortoise shell glasses produced when the breakage rate is as high as 30%, which has increased the difficulty of making the. oakley sunglasses outlet

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discount oakley sunglasses In fact, the foreign hand high-end customized glasses originated in the 70's, are mainly concentrated in Italy, France, Britain and other countries, other regions are rare. Including the famous Japanese eyewear. At home it began in 2008. This year, LYYBROS introduced the custom service system in Paris, Taiwan eyewear national level technicians and technology, created the first hand, glasses custom hall. So, in 2008, also known as the first year of China's glasses custom. Li Qingsong said, "the industry said I was the first domestic high-end custom handmade. LYYBROS allows custom more meaning, let the glasses become different."

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cheap oakley sunglasses sale Ink selection plays a very important role in printing technology and printing technology, relates to the printing materials are widely concerned. The frame is made of metal on metal surface, require ink adhesion is better, is now widely used in two-component ink, drying method, drying. Lens printing need glass printing ink, ink glass is often the two-component ink drying, the drying methods. The two-component ink curing ink layer has the characteristics of high hardness, good adhesion, but a little trouble.

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